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Cartier Replica Watches

Water Lily is the newest model in the Cartier Replica Watches Collection. This new model features a feminine oval case with diamonds set in the bezel.

Cartier Replica Watches Lily comes in two versions,Cartier Replica Watches both of which have 412 brilliant-cut Diamonds on the dials. The first model comes with emeralds.

Diamonds are placed around flowers to evoke waves, as the design resembles a pond with water-lilies. The grain-setting method was also used to maintain a perfect shine. The dial is protected by sapphire glass.

The in-house self-winding mechanism is at the heart of Cartier Replica Watches Lily. It provides accuracy and reliability over the long term. The Cat's Eye comes in a white gold 18-karat case measuring 35.44mm diameter and 11.30mm thickness. The watch strap is either green or pink alligator leather,tudor replica depending on the model. Each ends with a white-gold pin buckle.

Water Lily's scientific name is "Nymphaea". The word "nymph" is derived from the Greek, which means a female spirit who inhabits bodies of water in Greek mythology. The pink model is said to enhance the loving, gentle energy. In Hinduism, the green model represents heart chakra.

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